The Sportsbooks Solution – Bookmakers API

How Bookmakers API to be used? If you are planning to collect sports data for an affiliate website or app then you will likely be looking for sports betting data of the sportsbook that your customers will prefer. The choice of bookmaker should be according to a number of rules, the most important of which is the availability of information, we do not want the information transfer sequence to stop otherwise we will not be able to provide our customers with the information on time if at all. In most cases, you will need to contact the bookmaker support team to obtain approval for the data continuously.

Most Bookmakers have information supply systems, unfortunately most companies do not provide the data in real time, which is for reasons of efficiency and savings.

How to Compare Bookmakers API

Which bookmakers API odds feed is available? Check the the status of each bookmaker and compare sportsbooks coverage.

  • We have found that 80% of the bookmakers have API, 20% of them don’t provide any API feed for developers.
  • Some of the bookmakers would ask you to join the sportsbooks developer program.
  • Most of the bookmakers would ask you to join the sportsbooks affiliate program.
  • We found that some bookmakers are asking money for live data.
  • Your IP must be whitelisted at the bookmakers servers.