How to Compare Sports API providers

How to find the best Sports API service? It is not simple to find a sports data provider, today there are dozens of providers that provide a wide range of sports data solutions, some of which specialize in one sport such as football, cricket and esports. Other providers provide broad coverage of industries with very deep information.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best sports data provider for you.

  • Sports coverage – type of Sports and leagues.
  • In-dept data & Historical data.
  • Speed delivery of data to help customers make the right decisions.
  • Sportsbooks & Bookmakers odds API data coverage.
  • Sports data provider support SLA.
  • Customers – Check who your information provider’s customers are.

What is Sports API & Who uses this service?

Sports API is an information service that includes a lot of sports data including pre-match betting data and real-time(in-play) gambling Data, there are many types of Sports data API solutions, but not all provide the same service and most often you can find gaps in sports coverage, information delivery speed and the amount of sportsbooks you can get information for.
There are three types of Sports data API consumers. Live scores websites that update the sports data on-site for sports fans and site visitors. The revenues of these sports data websites comes from an affiliate program. Another customer of Sports data are the online Sportsbooks and Bookmakers, they are the biggest client of sports data API, for sportsbooks its very important as a part of the business, they use the Sports data to compare their gambling data with other sportsbooks and constantly improve the odds to maximize revenue and minimize risk, Example of Real-time sports betting odds API data (OddService). In addition to them are artificial intelligence companies and big data companies that mainly uses historical data to predict future results and information analysis.

Content of information and coverage of sports

Everyone has different audiences and needs from their Sports data provider, if your website is in Korea then you will probably prefer to provide sports to the Korean audience such as volleyball, and if you are your target audience is English or Brazilian then you are likely to seek sports coverage that contains football information, Will look for many football leagues as possible from all over the world.
The information content is just as important as the coverage of sports, it is important that you know what data the Sports feed contains. Ask for an example of the feed, if it is important for you to have historical data then in-depth look at whether your provider provides the archive and if so what year of the archive.