The rising of the Esports API

ESports games are the hottest industry in sports betting and sports data. There are more than 25 games participating in dozens of tournaments and leagues around the world today. The Esport industry is just beginning and around it is of great interest, because this industry is considered devoid of corruption and creates tons of gambling markets. Connecting and gathering information from Esports games is not easy, in some cases collecting information is done manually and not automatically as many think. Gathering information for every game is a difficult process, so we recommend using sports data service providers.

What types of Esports API services exist?

  • Free Vendors – Usually the information arrives late and the scope of games is limited.
  • Suppliers with low turnaround times – the prices of these companies are low. Usually the data arrives over 2 seconds late, and these suppliers are mainly relevant to companies that want to display data only.
  • Providers that provide real-time data – In the market there are 5 companies that provide the data with almost full coverage and delivery times less than 2 seconds. These companies charge a high price but it is important to remember that this is a huge amount of data that you do not own and transfer. Real-time esports & odds api.

What to check:

It’s not simple to find Esports api service data provider, here a few tips how to find and compare Esports data providers:
  • Games Coverage – It’s important to check that all the games your customers are looking for are in the package you are about to purchase, so you may want to ask to see examples and compare with other Esports competitors.
  • In-depth game data – One of the important data that is often not addressed, it is important that you check in depth what you are actually getting that you are looking for. Not all suppliers provide the same information, sometimes there are gaps that can waste your product development time.
  • Data Transfer Speed – Do the data arrive when you want it? Customers like to get the data before everyone else. Don’t compromise on the speed and quality of the data you pay for.
  • Esports betting odds API -It is important that you make sure that all the bookmakers data you want to view or collect are indeed in the Esports API feed.
  • Data delivery Formats – Did your development team start working? Which formats you prefer to work on, the data sounds simple but in the long run it is important for the type of data format – aside from the savings and system efficiency.
  • Support – If it is important for you to present in real time then it is of the utmost importance for the quality of the service. Don’t compromise on providers who provide poor service otherwise the frustration on your investment will be great.